Consistent Every Time

“I’ve worked with Amicus personally quite a lot over the years and they have been consistently excellent. Amicus reporters show both high professionalism and high ability. Recently, Amicus really came through for us on a huge trial. We needed transcripts by the end of the day and Amicus had no issues meeting this request. They never let us down.”

Karen Anderson Assistant to Michael Briggs McCarthy Tétrault

Makes My Job So Easy!

“Amicus is very responsive to my requests for services and makes sure I am covered even when I have to rebook. I don’t have to go back to my boss and say Amicus can’t help us. The staff at Amicus is quick to respond to correspondence and extremely helpful in coordinating what our office requires. The reporters from Amicus are beyond my expectation. They are very professional, cordial, and skilled at asking the right questions to get all the information they need. Amicus always sends the formats we need and I never have to ask twice! Amicus makes my job so easy!”

Katherine Bullock McLeod Law

Able to Accommodate Us

“I love Amicus. They care about building a relationship, even though we may never actually meet in person. I can always email them, and I get a quick response. Last minute bookings always seem to happen and Amicus is so good at dealing with it. I’ve even had to book for the next day and Amicus was able to accommodate us. I am always happy with the transcript. I’ll say it again: I love Amicus!”

Tatyana Petrenko Document Specialist Borden Ladner Gervais

Flawless and Professional

“I can confidently recommend Amicus Reporting Group as a solid and reliable court reporting provider, and experts in their field. The reporters are always flawless and professional. The transcripts are thorough and accurate. I have never had a lawyer come to me after a questioning and say they had a problem or weren’t happy.

Amicus gives me the feeling of security and confidence that they are ready and able to accommodate my needs. They are always ready to help or go out of their way to make us happy.

So when others ask, I say “use Amicus.”

Demi MacDonald Legal Assistant Miller Thomson

There To Help

“I love to call Amicus because they are so friendly and professional. They are able to answer all my questions and handle all my requests. They also recognize me when I call! It is my job to get things right and Amicus is there to help me. The Amicus website is user friendly, and I love that I can book online or on the phone, whichever works for me at the moment.

Their reporters are always professional and treat everyone the same from the receptionist, to the assistant, to the lawyer. Amicus sets themselves apart in their accuracy, and they send transcripts quickly. It is not always a rush, a hot ticket, but when it is, I like that they never say no.

I only use Amicus and I would always recommend Amicus to any assistant.”

Roushdia Yassine Paralegal Pelletier Litigation

The Customer Service is Stellar

“My experience with Amicus has always been outstanding. The quality of customer service is stellar, and whoever I talk to, the response is always quick (and fabulous). All the little details that matter are taken care of. Hurry-up orders are never a problem, and we get our rough draft so quickly it’s surprising – always faster than guaranteed. Even when I needed a court reporter with only one hour notice, it wasn’t a problem.

It is an overall pleasure to deal with people at Amicus. I always prefer to use Amicus.”

Claire Baldwin Legal Assistant Jensen Shawa Solomon Duguid Hawkes LLP (JSS Barristers)

Feel Recognized and Appreciated

“Amicus takes care of their clients. I always feel recognized and appreciated. When I had a last-minute booking, Amicus was there for me in a heartbeat. Amicus has all of the technology options and they are able to adapt to our needs. As a result, they provide us exactly what we need every time without concern or confusion. They are always so ready to help - it takes a lot of stress away.”

Briggitte Gingras Paralegal Bresky Law

One Call and Everything Is Taken Care Of

“It is a huge relief to make one call and have everything taken care of. Amicus provides excellence in service all around. They can meet our fast timelines and I am never disappointed. Also, it has happened a couples of times where I’ve needed a reporter for the next day. Amicus always has a positive answer for me; they can always help. I don’t even think of anyone else; I just use Amicus.”

Michele Burnett Paralegal Foster LLP

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