Legal Video Services

A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

Amicus offers videography services provided by a legal video specialist. Our specialist is trained to understand the particular needs of the legal industry, ensuring you’re leveraging video for maximum value in your proceedings.

Video of Proceedings

When you require more than a transcript, our videographer can be there to catch every moment of your proceedings using video technology.

If your witness cannot appear at trial, filming their evidence allows you to present the witness’s testimony just as it was given. A more compelling presentation than listening to a transcript read aloud, your videotaped questioning or deposition conveys the impact of live testimony even when the witness is not present in the courtroom.

Day in the Life

Your client has gone through a catastrophic injury that has forever changed their way of life. Portraying the effects of this through video allows the person deciding the case to see firsthand the difficulties this person now faces. Our legal video specialist can spend a day with the client to capture a true portrayal of how their injury affects their day-to-day life.

Construction Progress

Sometimes words just aren’t enough. In cases involving construction, Amicus can track progress or damages through video. Proof of progress is easy to obtain with scheduled video updates.

Independent Medical Exams

If your client is required to undergo an independent medical exam, our videographer can be there to assist in accurately recording the appointment.

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